The Laguna Niguel Connectors (LNC) group mission is to help people in our local community.

We are a group of “connectors” reaching out to business professionals to help people in our local community connect and stay connected by providing support and warm introductions to our network. With a focus on “community building”, we have evolved from establishing connections to establishing relationships that help like-minded professional derive greater value from these connections.

Achieving the mission is simple yet requires a focus by each participant to think and behave in a manner that demonstrates our commitment to helping others FIRST.  The fruits of these relationships will materialize naturally for all individuals.   This is the foundation for a deeper relationship and ultimately, community building.

What does this mean for our monthly meetings?  We’re offering some guidelines regarding norms and behaviors which the Founders of LNC believe are consistent with the mission and purpose of the forum.

  1. Building relationships starts with good listening and a focus on the individual you’re connecting to before yourself.
  2. Behave in a manner that is sensitive to all participants.
  3. Patience, empathy, integrity and willingness to help, is encouraged.
  4. Introductions should be based on sincere interest of how “you” can help others.
  5. Exchanging contact information and setting up a time to follow up, allows you more time to meet other networkers and explore more opportunities to assist others.
  6. For those in transition, this is a perfect opportunity to share your experience and demonstrate your personal/business capabilities and value to others in a safe environment.  Please be careful not to be overly aggressive in your job solicitation efforts.
  7. For those who are employed, this is a perfect opportunity to exchange ideas, explore areas of  mutual interest and share your experience with others who may have the expertise you seek, in a safe environment.
  8. We allow service providers to participate and share their expertise in a helpful, non-solicitous manner as longs as they are willing to give freely with no strings attached.
  9. Overzealous pursuit of employment or customer opportunities should be toned down.

We want to create an open, safe and honest group – where people can say things like, “I don’t know you well enough to make an introduction, yet” without the other person being offended.  More so, we hope  the requestor will develop a deep enough relationship with the individual so that when they ask for assistance, they can expect a favorable outcome.

It is far more impressive when others discover your good qualities without your help…

LNC will thrive and continue to attract quality members if we follow these basic principles.