Job Sharing

LNC has created a Yahoo! Job Sharing Group.   After you join the group (see link below), you can post jobs in the group.

In response to several requests to simplify the job sharing process, Laguna Niguel Connectors has created another job sharing vehicle — a Yahoo! Group called “lagunaniguelconnectors”. This Yahoo! Group is to be used for lead sharing or requesting contacts at companies, but not for general discussion or other communications.

• Please consider including the email: when you send job  leads to other Yahoo! groups. Simply add us on the .bcc line.  (again – you must join the group first!)

• By doing so, you will reach even more people AND your name becomes top of mind at a time when  so much networking is taking place.

• We will continue to use the LNC LinkedIn Job tab for those that wish to do so.

You can join the Yahoo! LNC group here: