Below are answers to frequently asked questions about Laguna Niguel Connectors (LNC). Links in the answers will guide you to further information on our website or from other sources. Should you have any further questions, please contact us at info@lagunaniguelconnectors.com.

Q: Are there any membership fees or cost to join LNC or attend the Wednesday evening event?

A: There are no costs to join LNC or attend the Wednesday evening event.


Q: Do I have to live in Laguna Niguel to join the group or attend the events?

A: No. Laguna Niguel Connectors is open to everyone regardless of residence. We often have attendees from the Valley, High Desert, and the Low Desert areas.


Q: I am new to networking and the whole idea frightens me. How can I get over this? 

A: When you arrive at an event, let the volunteers working the sign-in table know this is your first time attending an LNC event. Share your concerns/fears about networking. The volunteers will spend extra time with you to ease the anxiety you might have and make the event enjoyable and productive. If you would like to speak with someone prior to attending an event, just email us at info@lagunaniguelconnectors.com or reach out directly to one of the volunteers or founders.


Q: How are the events structured?

A: Please see About Us, about halfway down the page on Typical Format for Wednesday Evening.


Q: What should I bring/how should I prepare for LNC events?

A: Bring business/networking cards and a pen. Arrive as close to the starting time of the event as possible to get maximum benefits. Be prepared to give a brief 60 second elevator pitch about yourself. This should include what you are looking for (specific job title(s), customers, target companies, etc.). Most important is a positive, willing to help others attitude. A smile helps as well!


Q: How do I become a volunteer?

A: Reach out to one of the LNC founders and express an interest in becoming a volunteer. There is a simple vetting process. You must meet/have a conversation with at least two of the founders to become a volunteer. Training will occur after approval.


Q: I’d like to support LNC in some way but I cannot be a volunteer/attend the events often. How can I provide support?

A: First, let others who may benefit from our group know about us. Second, support our Partners who freely give of their time or provide us with a place to meet. Lastly, reach out to one of the Founders about ways you can provide support.


Q: How can I get current information about Laguna Niguel Connectors and its events?

A: This website, the Laguna Niguel Connectors LinkedIn group, Twitter, and Facebook. Click the social media icons below.